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SPORTEX Xclusive Float NT

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The slim blank design of top quality high-modulus carbon material makes a great impression with its speed and loading capacity. The excellent loading properties of the Xclusive Float allow the float to be pitched at long distances and precisely on target. When the fish is being played, the blank reliably absorbs any wild thrashing movements from the fish, which makes for far fewer lost fish. The rod is very effective for trout fishing with Spirolinos, Bombardas etc. And when going after zander with bait fish, the rod cuts a very fine figure. The guide diameters have been selected in such a way that even rubber stoppers can slide through without any problem.

The Xclusive Float is available in lengths of 3.60m, 3.90m and 4.20m with a casting weight of 20-40g.


The lighter and even slimmer version of the Xclusive Float series also has a very fast, resistant and sensitive blank.

It has been developed especially for float fishing for smaller coarse or prey fish such as roach, rudd, bream etc. It is, of course, also possible to adjust the rods for trout fishing with lighter Spirolinos or pre-weighted floats. Thanks to the fast action of the rods, a sure strike at a long distance is no problem at all.

The Xclusive Float Lite is available in lengths of 3.60m and 3.90m with a casting weight of 10-30g.

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