SPORTEX Rapid Series

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SPORTEX Rapid Series

Outstanding and unique rods for non-predators.

Fans of light coarse fishing will be licking their lips: whether it’s feeders for roach and bream or the thrill of carp fishing with light tackle, we have your perfect precision tool that is a proven fish-catcher! 

Rapid Pellet Waggler

These two models are designed especially for the challenges of pellet waggler fishing. The high-speed blank, made of Japanese high-modulus carbon, produces a progressive, continuous action which helps bring a hooked fish to the bank rapidly and under full control. Thanks to the rapid-reaction tip section, the strike is absolutely reliable, even at long distances. Expect extremely good damping, which prevents fish slipping the hook. The rods come fitted with stable SIC guides, robust DPS reel seats and somewhat shorter EVA rear handles. A must-have for ambitious float fishermen!

Längd: 300cm / 10fot & 330cm / 11fot.
Delar: 2
Transport längd: 154cm & 170cm
Kastvikt: 15-35gr
Ringar: 10 & 12

Rapid Match

Our versatile match rods made of Japanese high-modulus carbon are ideally suited for success. The blank is a winner, with enormous sensitivity and speed in the tip section. That means spot-on accuracy with floats, even over longer distances. The impressive backbone ensures that even strong fish soon meet their match and end up securely in the landing net. The slim SIC guides have sufficient height to prevent wet line from sticking to the blank. And a little tip… the Rapid Match is way out in front for fishing trout streams too. 

Längd: 360cm / 12fot & 390cm / 13fot.
Delar: 3
Transport längd: 125cm & 139cm
Kastvikt: 8-20gr
Ringar: 12 & 13

Rapid Multipicker

These slim and fast rods, with extremely fine bite sensitivity, have been developed for all kinds of fishing. The blank, made of Japanese high-modulus carbon, has extremely good casting characteristics, and enough power in the backbone to make playing the fish exciting and fun. The Rapid Multipicker comes with two complete highly-sensitive tip sections (picker and swing tip), which detect every bite, however slight. Other fittings include slim SIC guides, a stable DPS reel seat and a robust EVA rear handle. The swing tip is also provided with a silicone sheath, including screw threads. These rods are also a top choice for the trout stream. 

Längd: 300cm / 10 fot.
Delar: 2+1
Transport längd: 155cm
Kastvikt: 10-30gr
Ringar: 13

Rapid Stalker

Any angler who prefers going after carp with slightly lighter tackle will love these rods. The blank, made of Japanese high-modulus carbon, has excellent damping characteristics for playing the fish. Every cast is superbly cushioned right down to the handle, which makes for first class fun when playing fish. And the backbone still has enough power in reserve to bring fish settled deep in the weeds up to the surface. Thanks to its compact format, the Rapid Stalker is also ideally suited for fishing from boats or in confined spaces. And it is far and away the master of precise casting up to middle distances. The top quality fittings include stable SIC guides, a robust DPS reel seat and a slim EVA rear handle. A fine addition for the enthusiastic carp hunter! 

Längd: 300cm / 10fot
Delar: 2
Transport längd: 157cm
Kastvikt: 2lbs & 2.25lbs
Ringar: 7


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