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SPORTEX Rapid Feeder

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SPORTEX Rapid Feeder Series

The finest featherlight coarse rods.

Fans of light coarse fishing will be licking their lips: whether it’s feeders for roach and bream or the thrill of carp fishing with light tackle, we have your perfect precision tool that is a proven fish-catcher!

Rapid Feeder Light

These exceptional rods, built using Japanese high-modulus carbon, are ideally suited for fishing with lightweight feeders at close and middle distances, in flowing or still water. The high-speed spine makes for first-class casting performance and steers even big fish steadily and surely out of the current. The Rapid Feeder Light comes with a robust Duplon handle, stable SIC guides and a top quality DPS reel seat. Also included in the package are three highly-sensitive full-carbon tips, in sizes of one, two and three ounces, which pick up every bite, however slight. A perfect precision tool for successful feeder fishing for roach, tench, bream and other species!

Rapid Feeder Medium

The all-rounder kings for fishing with mid-weight feeders in flowing and still water, these innovative feeder rods are made of Japanese high-modulus carbon. The fast, sensitive blank covers all the casting ranges you can imagine and delivers first-class fun when it comes to playing fish. Add to that excellent damping characteristics and you will be reducing the number of fish that get away and sliding even bigger fish safely into the landing net. The Rapid Feeder Medium has a robust Duplon handle, stable SIC guides and a top quality DPS reel seat. Three different high-sensitivity full-carbon tips, in sizes of two, three and four ounces, which pick up every nibble, however slight, are also part of the offer. The right choice for everyone who wants to put feisty barbel, bream or carp onto the scales.

Rapid Feeder Heavy

The perfect choice for fishing with heavy feeders for bigger fish in flowing and still water. The blank is extremely resistant and has excellent casting properties to drop your rig in the right spot. The Rapid Feeder Heavy has a robust Duplon handle, stable SIC guides and a top quality DPS reel seat, plus included in the deal are three highly-sensitive full-carbon tips in sizes of two, three and four ounces. The answer to every feeder fan’s dreams!

SPORTEX Rapid Series

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SPORTEX Xclusive Feeder NT

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SPORTEX Xclusive Match

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