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Casting dynamics and power at their very best.

Faster, further and more powerful: thanks to its new Helicore blank, this innovative rod series delivers in all areas – starting with outstanding casting performance through to enormous acceleration and exponential power when fighting. It’s how carp fishing was meant to be!

The third generation of the FBC Series has all those special qualities that make a winner. Our latest Helicore blank, based on nanocarbon fibres with extraordinary tensile strength, makes for really outstanding resistance for playing fish and casting dynamics. The special interweaving of the fibres achieves material loading some 20 per cent higher than its predecessor. Thanks to the unique combination of the finest nanoparticles with a special epoxy resin, extraordinary power can be generated that gets the heart pumping at every cast. The progressive action when playing fish rapidly takes even big specimens to their limits and has them sliding into the landing net. All the rods up to the Stalker model come with a SIC guide arrangement, with a size 50 start guide from Seaguide, and tough Duplon handles. The angular design of the DPS aluminium reel seat and the 1K carbon mesh surface material will also catch the eye on the bank. An absolute highlight for carp anglers who only want the best.

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