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The TX 4 range was built with one thing in mind, casting big distances without breaking the bank. With testing of the blanks one thing became apparent, building a rod to cast a big distance is one thing, build a rod that can cast a big distance and be a pleasure to land a fish is another. We truly believe this has been achieved with the blend of HPC100 + Biofibre, creating a strong blank that recovers quickly in the mid to tip section but forgiving tip providing cushion for lunging fish. EVA + shrink tube grip create a comfortable, stylish handle and the rods are completed with reliable Seaguide Stainless Steel SIC guides. In summary TX 4's are distance fishing rods, built for hard to reach spots, to date longest recorded cast 198m (216 yards)!

Main features:

  • Rod type: carp/specimen
  • Grip: EVA & shrink tube
  • Blank material: hpc100 & biofibre
  • Reel seat: Shimano woven tube
  • Packaging: cloth bag
  • Guide type: Shimano stainless steel sic guides
  • Lengths: 3.66m – 3.96m