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RAPTOR X-Treme Carbon Black

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Artikelnummer: 787

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X-Treme Carbon Black dinghy is suitable for the most difficult, extreme conditions. The boat is equipped with an extra thick cloth (1.2 mm) and has an extremely high level of finish, for maximum protection! The boat also has a lot of interior space, as you are used to from Raptor.

  • Black airdeck with anti-slip or black aluminum floor
  • Black paddles and bench seat
  • Handles on the inside of the tubes at the mirror
  • Fold-out bag for easy storage
  • Adjustable sofa
  • Heavy duty fender and protective strips on the bottom of the boat
  • pressure relief valve
  • 5 year warranty on fabric and seams
  • 3.6cm polyester mirror
  • Double glued mirror
  • Double glued oarlocks
  • Inflatable keel for easy maneuvering
  • 1.2mm PVC cloth
  • 2000 decitex
  • Comprehensive repair set consisting of: glue, PVC, valve and valve wrench
  • High pressure foot pump especially for air floors (higher pressure is required for proper functioning)
  • Retaining strap for battery or fuel tank
  • 6 Handles on the front of the boat
  • 4 Handles on the side of the boat
  • Equipped with anchor roller