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These hooks were developed in collaboration with the Japanese market leader Gamakatsu and designed by our Pole Position product team. This has resulted in hooks that excel in strength, design and above all; sharpness. These ultra-sharp, long hook points are completely unique and will penetrate even the most careful of bait shots with ease.

The Snagster can be used in almost any situation and is a very characteristic hook type from the Pole Position hook range. The combination of a slightly inward pointing, long point (with micro barb) and medium long hook shank makes this hook extremely aggressive. The wire of the hook is very thick to prevent the hook from bending even in the most extreme conditions. This is the ideal hook for obstacle and river fishing because of its extremely good hook hold. A small extension of the hook shank using our ready-made aligners or possibly a piece of shrink tubing will allow this hook to turn in even faster.