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OBS! Beställningsvara, leveranstid 1-3 veckor.One of the BEST suits we have seen and possibly the last suit you will buy. The material stands out as qualit

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OBS! Beställningsvara, leveranstid 1-3 veckor.

One of the BEST suits we have seen and possibly the last suit you will buy. 

The material stands out as quality and has a very premium look and feel.

PB products logo throughout. 

Fully Waterproof. This suit will keep you dry in the harshest of weather conditions with a rating of 7000hh which is one of the highest we have seen. 

Did you know that “heavy rain” is around 2500hh, even standing in the shower is around 4500hh!

Breathable fabric of 5000 g/m2 per 24h - Meaning perspiration fluid at a rate of 5000 grams per mtr sq is able to leave through the material in a 24 hour period - PERFECT

Abrasion resistance padding in shoulders, elbows, knees and buttocks, ensuring vital extra durability in all the usual high wear areas.

Perfectly weighted jacket for cooler evenings and days when you need a little extra protection from the elements.  

With adjustable comfort cuffs and elasticated mid-rift toggle to help ensure a perfect fit.

“Easy On/Easy Off ” inner trouser lining to help you, to not get caught short. Belt loops and button fastener, with zipped ankle cuffs to compliment the stylish design.

In a nutshell - Fully Waterproof, Breathable, Feature packed durable suit that will keep you dry and protected from the elements.

Sizes Medium to 4XL available.


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