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Kryston Score 60lb Leadcore

  • 129 kr
  • 109 kr

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Easy Splice Heavyweight Lead Core

A super product and a firm favourite with tens of thousands of lead core users.

Extremely robust due to the recipe of Dyneema interlaced with high tenacity polyester. Over three times heavier than many other lead cores currently on sale. Score’s tremendous weight ensures that the all-important line above the rig is fully settled on the bottom.

Simply cast out, tighten up, slacken off and set the indicators for pinpoint bite registration. Makes superb silt and helicopter rigs. Multi-camouflaged to blend in with most backgrounds. Easily spliced for increased strength. Splicing kit and step-by-step splicing instructions included.

  • 10m spool
  • Camou
  • Muddy Brown