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The classic JAG StageBites have always been bursting with innovation, we have just made them that little bit better. 
They now incorporate our new no-loss locking lever that doubles the clamping force of our old system. We have also introduced a third size, the adorable little MicroBite.


  • 4 machined teeth in the base that bite into the platform for amazing rigidity and guaranteed zero twist.

  • Built in screw driver with the tallest rear StageBite, supplied with detachable torque head driver and SPAX torque screws.

  • 3 sizes to give you exactly what you want.

  • CNC machined from solid billet.

  • Available in hard anodised Prolite Black & 316 S/ST.

  • Height adjustable inner.

  • Compatible with JAG diameter banksticks that can replace the inners for complete versatility.

  • New no-loss locking lever.


JAG recommend using the tallest rear StageBite with either the middle size StageBite or the new MicroBite. Not just because the rear has the built in screwdriver but it provides the height for big pit reels to clear the decking.

What’s in the pack:

High Rear StageBite (The tall one)

  • StageBite 5.5” adjusting to 8”

  • StageBite inner with magnet holder for drive bit

  • 1x Torque drive bit

  • 2x SPAX torque screws

Standard front StageBite (The middle one)

  • StageBite 4 1/8” adjusting to 6.5”

  • 1x SPAX torque screw

  • 1x standard Phillips if you don’t have our rear StageBite.

MicroBite (The baby one)

  • StageBite 2” adjusting to 2 3/4”

  • 1x SPAX torque screw

  • 1x standard Phillips if you don’t have our rear StageBite.



** Inners from original Stage Bites with Thumb Screws will NOT fit these models  **