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The JAG Xcavators need no introduction, they are widely recognised as the finest, toughest and most aggressive hard ground banksticks ever made. 
Due to popular demand, these are now available in Prolite Black. 
The real magic is in the fine taper, high-pitch auger with 2 large teeth and 43 mini cutting teeth that plough, cut and smash their way through the very hardest ground. 
The outer body is machined from solid aluminium with super hard anodised black finish, he business end however, only solid 316 marine stainless steel would do. 
A large easy grip head allows for very secure tightening to buzzbars. 
The inner is manufactured from solid 12mm diameter carbon for superior lightness and rigidity even when fully extended. 
Supplied with 2 handed tommy bar to drive the Xcavator home