JAG Products 316 Adjustable Buzz Bars

OBS! Förordervara, leverans mars-april JAG's full range of Adjustable Buzz Bars have undergone a re-design! JAG have added their innovative 'adjustabl

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OBS! Förordervara, leverans mars-april

  •  JAG's full range of Adjustable Buzz Bars have undergone a re-design!
  •  JAG have added their innovative 'adjustable cap' system
  •  That makes alarm alignment a piece of cake!
  •  New "no-loss" locking lever as per JAG's other adjustable items
  •  Which makes losing a lever a thing of the past
  •  JAG have used our very own laser engraver
  •  To give them the perfect finish!
  •  Hard anodised, meaning the coating doesn't flake or chip
  •  These bars still accomodate the use of the 2BA and MAG indicator adaptors
  •  Meaning that you don't necessarily have to use a hockey stick
  •  Another popular way that they can be used is set up as a snag bar
  •  This can be done with the use of our "Snag Converter Kit"
  •  3 Rod Rear Size: 200-365mm
  •  3 Rod Front Size: 225-415mm
  •  2 Rod Rear Size 425-625mm
  •  2 Rod Front Size 475-750mm


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