'The One-Pult is the best and most versatile catapult ever made' - Everyone at JAG Products Carrying multiple catapults for different types of baiting



'The One-Pult is the best and most versatile catapult ever made'

 - Everyone at JAG Products 

Carrying multiple catapults for different types of baiting is a thing of the past! Saving you space, time and even money! 

Thanks to the revolutionary roller wheel  and ‘through pouch’ system, the speed in which you can change these elastics and pouches is like nothing else out there.
We have carefully selected four Latex Elastics & developed three pouches allowing you to mix & match to make the perfect combination for each and every baiting situation.
The quick change feature allows you to go from baiting with Boillies at range to feeding the margins with Pellets in a flash, meaning you will only ever need One-Pult! 

The unique roller wheel and through pouch system minimises pressure points on the elastic, meaning  you can bait harder for longer. 
When the elastic does eventually need changing this can be done in a matter of seconds & on the bank! 
If the break is near the roller wheel you can simply shorten the elastic by a few inches and reattach, the sliding pouch will automatically re-centre so you are ready to get back to the baiting! 
You can also set each elastic at your preferred length by simply adjusting the tag end that has been secured into place on the roller system. 

The handle, frame, pouches and roller wheels have all been designed, developed & manufactured here in the UK and as you would expect have been built to the highest standards using the very best materials!
We opted to source the Latex Elastics from world leaders in the USA. 

Every One-Pult will come supplied with our Medium (Black) Latex Elastic and Medium Pouch. 
This pairing makes a great 'all rounder'. 
If you did have a specific baiting situation in mind you can pair any one of our elastics with anyone of our pouches. 
We have even made some suggestions if you are unsure where to start! 


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