TARGET Mini Lead Clips

OBS! Förordervara, leverans mars-april.‘Target’ Lead Clips offer specialist anglers the ability to drop the lead weight or feeder in a controlled manner when th

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OBS! Förordervara, leverans mars-april.

Target’ Lead Clips offer specialist anglers the ability to drop the lead weight or feeder in a controlled manner when they are angling for powerful species in weedy or snaggy venues! They also offer a quick change option so you can adapt you tactics to suit the requirements of different swims or changing water conditions by swapping over the type, size and style of your weight quickly and easily…

These scaled down Target Lead Clips are designed for use with size 12 Target Swivels or Size 12 Kwik Lok Swivels.

Essentially size 12 swivels are strong enough to cope with any hard battling species. Whether your targeting super fit barbel in a river or heading out for carp or tench in your local lake these excellent little clips give you a much smaller and subtler option than the more commonly used size 8 versions.

  • Setting them up is simplicity itself – simply thread the tail rubber then the lead clip up your line – tie on the size 12 Target Swivel of choice and pull it up into the main barrel until it clicks securely in position.
  • Mount the lead onto the retaining arm and use the dedicated Target Tail Rubber to set the required resistance for lead ejection.
  • For faster lead ejection (recommended in thick weed) only partially push the Tail Rubber onto the clip.
  • Test by holding you hooklink and pulling the lead to mimic the lead being caught in weed. The lead should separate from the clip before the swivel pops out the retaining points inside barrel.
  • To retain the weight push the Tail Rubber fully onto the lead clip creating the strongest grip between the lead arm and the Tail Rubber. This way the lead will not release unless significant force is applied to it.

As anglers we all know how important it is to keep all the components that make up our terminal tackle as camouflaged and subtle as possible – and having good camouflage colours and scaling down the size of items like these Lead Clips helps you create a more effective and less obvious set up.

  • Target Lead Clips are available in two excellent colours – Natural Green and Natural Brown.
  • 10 Clips per packet.


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