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Gardner Trickster Heavy Hooklink

Fast-sinking, heavy, braided hooklinks are favoured by many big fish anglers ‘in the know’ because it will
naturally settle flush to the lake or river bed. By combining this with an excellent camouflage colour, we
have created a very special hooklink that has proven hugely successful during development and immensely
popular with some of our field testers.

Flat Lying

It is superbly strong, using ultra-reliable Dyneema for a fine diameter and superb knot strength, with a smooth
finish and soft, supple feel. This flexibility not only ensures unrestricted free movement of the bait at the critical
moment that the carp inhales the hook bait into its mouth, but also helps it lay down tidily, out of the way where
it is less likely to be noticed by one of these tricky-to-catch, cautious feeding fish.

Trickster Heavy excels as an alternative to the skinned style hook links that the carp see very regularly on the l
ake bed, and comes into its own when used for solid PVA bagging, presenting a critically balanced bait over light
weed, or for super subtle bottom bait presentations.

Top Tip – try a short Trickster Heavy hooklink when fishing particles on, as you can go short without impairing
the hook bait’s movement.

20lb/9,1kg / 20 meters