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GARDNER Flexi Ring Swivel size 12

  • 49 kr
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Artikelnummer: 1244

The hinge created by the ring on these Flexi-Ring Swivels allows improved rig movement and reduces the occurrence of tangles when they are used with the majority of Carp and Specialist rigs.

The Size 12’s are the perfect component for use in Chod Rigs and Helicopter Rigs as the large diameter ring allows free rotation and movement up and down the line/leader.

The larger size 8 Flexi Ring swivel’s eye is sized perfectly to fit securely into all size 8 lead clips, clicking securely into place on Covert Lead Clips ensuring the lead is safely discharged before the swivel is released from the lead clip (IMPORTANT).

  • Flexi-Ring Swivels improve rig presentation by allowing a variety of hooklink materials to pivot freely, offering more natural movement of the rig and hookbait.
  • Extra strong, smooth spinning and reliable.
  • Round swivel eyes ensure maximum knot strength.
  • Anti-glare black finish reduces visibility under water for ultimate camouflage.
  • 10 swivels per packet.