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Forge Tackle BK Adjustable Buzzer Bar 26-41,5cm

  • 209 kr
  • 179 kr

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Artikelnummer: 206

Neat and sleek construction, entirely manufactured with black anodized high grade aluminum,
Our BK range of buzzer bars are a perfect match between style and functionality.
Perfect alignment of your bite alarms and rod rest is easy and quick thanks to the generous dimension of the locking rings.
Every model feature a double option set-up and can be used with a single bankstick or goal post style thanks to the threads fitted under the side cups.
All the buzzer are also provided with two extra locking rings to be fitted under the side cups thread when fishing single bankstick.
This to provide total protection to the thread but also to make the overall look nice and sleek.

- Available in fixed or adjustable version.
- Black anodized - high grade aluminum construction.
- Locking rings for perfect bite alarm and rod rest alignment.
- Double set-up option : can be used with single bankstick or goal post style.
- Flat shaped inner tube for improved stability and avoid torsions.
- Safe lock system on the locking screw : no more screw lost !!.
- Oversized construction, 16mm dia. main bars and 20mm dia. sleeves and cups.
- Perfect match with our FORGE BK BANKSTICKS range.