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Since its release in 2006, the incredible big-fish catching record of Odyssey XXX has placed this extraordinary bait in a league of its own. Made with low temperature fish meals, milk, vegetable and soluble fish proteins, bird foods and an incredible 10% Green Lipped Mussel Extract, Odyssey XXX has a superb nutrient profile and phenomenal natural taste.

Once Carp, Barbel and other species experience the deep, mussel-rich taste of Odyssey XXX they just can’t resist returning to feed on it time and time again, making it the ultimate big fish bait.

Pacific Tuna is a 'red fishmeal' boilie that combines soluble fish, milk and vegetable proteins with powerful natural appetite stimulants to create a superb year-round big fish bait. Its low oil content, open texture and high solubility make it extremely effective in all four seasons, even in cold water when maximum leakage is vital.

Pacific Tuna's deep, salty, 'marine' taste and distinctive meaty-fish aroma combine to stimulate a strong, prolonged feeding response from fish that makes it an outstanding long-term or short term 'instant' bait option.

This great value pack contains all the products required to present fish with an irresistible bait package which can be used in many different angling situations.

Contains: 2kg Pacific Tuna Pellets 6mm, 100ml Pacific Tuna Bait Booster, 10 x Pacific Tuna Air Ball Pop Ups (18mm) & 1kg Pacific Tuna Shelf Life (18mm).