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SPORTEX Beyond Carp

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Sportex absolut finaste och påkostade spön inom karpmetet.
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Nothing surpasses these rods for distance casting. Thanks to the special new design of the blank, casts go further and with less effort. And when playing even the feistiest of fish, the enormous strength reserves that the rod can deploy make themselves felt straight away, making it a whole lot easier to draw fish out of an underwater jungle.

This blank also has excellent damping properties that easily deal with getaway attempts and reduce the chance of the hook slipping out.

Technical Information:

The game-changing Heptacore blank is built on T1000 carbon fibres and features a unique profile, which is heptagonal (seven-sided) instead of round like 99.99% of ALL rods. This complex advancement in blank construction represents a quantum leap in rod building and pushes the capacity of carbon beyond what anyone thought possible. Heptacore outperforms common blanks with round profiles by about +20% in casting performance and +15% in power.

The advantages:

A healthy margin in casting distance and precision
Extraordinary sensitivity
Unknown speed in casting and striking
Inconceivable power

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