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A great success in 2020, the XTRACTOR 2 rod carp kit offers the retail trade the ability to sell a complete portable carp fishing solution at a reasonable price whilst retaining good margins.

Each kit is comprised of two Xtractor slim shrink retractable-butt rods (a choice of 9’ 2.75lb or 3lb, and 10’ 3.25lb or 3.5lb), two Xtractor 5000 reels, plus an Xtractor (T44) 42” landing net all in one eye- catching POS box.

  • 2 x Xtractor slim-shrink retractable-butt rods
  • 2 x Xtractor 5000 reels
  • 1 x Xtractor (T44) 42” landing net

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