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Mark your fishing spots quickly and easily:
Simply lower the MarkaPole & base weight from the side of a boat. 
Attach the ReflectaStems at the required depth and leave the marker permanently in place until it is time to collect it.
Featuring 7m of super-strong PVC poles, a ‘no-snag’ 2kg base weight and a highly reflective ReflectaStem, compatible with all MarkaPole, MarkaLite, ReflectaStem and RotaBlock products.
The MarkaPole Kit comes complete with 6x 1m poles, 1x 0.5m poles, 1x 0.3m poles, 1x 0.2m poles 2kg base weight, 1x ReflectaStem and a hardwearing carry case.
Kit and illuminated MarkaLite stems available separately.


• Super robust PVC construction

• 2kg ‘no-snag’ base weight

• Precise depth adjustment

• MarkaPole Extension Kits available separately

• Compatible with all MarkaPole, MarkaLite,

ReflectaStem and RotaBlock products

• Protected registered design

Expected availability:


• 6 x 1.0m markapole

• 1 x 0.5m markapole

• 1 x 0.3m markapole

• 1 x 0.2m markapole

• 1 x 2kg base weight

• 1 x reflectastem

• 1 x carabiner

• 1 x hanging loop

• 1 x carry case