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RAPTOR Medium Platform GREEN

  • 12 990 kr
  • 11 990 kr

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Artikelnummer: 444

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This platform consists of two parts, namely:

  • Airdeck part of 1.60 mtr at 2.50 mtr and 20 cm thick
  • Tube section with a diameter of 40cm

The airdeck is placed in the tube section, which will make the platform extremely stable.


  • Handles all around
  • Top airdeck finished with an extra layer of PVC
  • 15 supplied d rings for mounting a bivy/oval
  • Tube section consisting of 2 air chambers with pressure relief valve
  • Weight +/- 50kg


  • To be used for installation of a small bivy/oval
  • Extra space next to another boat
  • Boat fishing photography

Water drainage:

By applying mesh in several places on the platform, the water will run off.

Pump up:
It is strongly recommended to purchase 1 electric pressure pump for this product.