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NAVITAS Wave Hybrid Bivvy Shoe

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Designed for the angler who likes to move about, hunting and searching out opportunities all over the lake. The Outer sole has been beefed up to still provide maximum comfort but without sacrificing grip and durability. Walk a lap, climb a tree or chill out in your bivvy – the Weaves Hybrid will do it all. The lightweight Weaves upper will make it feel like you are barefoot (but without the stubbed toes and thorns in your feet) yet still allow you to get up, get moving and make things happen.

‘What do you get when you cross a super comfy bivvy slipper with a walking style trainer?’

‘You get a Weave Hybrid.’


  • Improved memory foam inner sole.
  • Improved durable outer sole.
  • Flex and Fold Technology.
  • Elasticated weave upper.
  • Wide comfy fit.
  • Available in sizes 6-12