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By far the biggest feature of this tiny product is the peace of mind that no fish will ever part your rods from your rod support. 
Even with the rod at full test curve a simple press of a button releases this brilliantly simple design. 

  • Perfect for all angling disciplines all around the world.

  • Very compact and inconspicuous design.

  • Suitable for every size of rod handle.

  • Can be fished with release button facing rearward or forward.

  • When release button fished forward, it is a single handed operation to release the rod locker and pick up your rod.

  • Supplied with ample shock cord and spare retaining ties.

  • Shock cord can be replaced with other materials for customising, works well with catapult elastic.

  • Supplied with a red button and can be customised with any of our 8 standard colours.

  • Available in hard anodised Prolite black and 316 Stainless.

  • Works beautifully with our Lockdown rear rests but is compatible with any rear rest.

  • CNC machined from solid billet.


Lock your rods down, sit back, relax and ask yourself did you push your banksticks in far enough!