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JAG Products PROLITE 2 Plus 1 Buzz Bars

  • 999 kr

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Artikelnummer: 590

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The JAG 2 Plus 1 Buzz Bars offer numerous benefits to an anglers rod set up but the main advantage is where the product gained its name, the ability to shift from a 3-rod buzz bar into a 2-rod buzz bar and single stick set up. The JAG 2 PLUS 1 offers a super quick adaptation which will undoubtedly take out the chore element of poking a single rod through the reeds at the side of the swim.

The main bar of the Buzz bars is CNC machined from a solid billet delivering unrivalled strength and precision. There is the choice of front or rear buzz bars, both of which comes with easy alarm alignment caps. The clever design means that each arm extends further than any adjustable buzz bar ever made. These extending arms have graduation marks so equal protrusion can be achieved every time.

The 2 plus 1 buzz bars will catch anglers extra fish at many venues and sessions.