Gardner Drop Out Chod Safety Clips

Sometimes when trying to work out a solution to an angling problem the answer can be found right under your nose!For several years we have been trying to come u



Sometimes when trying to work out a solution to an angling problem the answer can be found right under your nose!

For several years we have been trying to come up with a solution to creating a reliable lead discharge system for helicopter rigs – a system that would be more reliable than simply tying a few overhand knots in a piece of 3lb or 4lb monofilament which we found inconsistent and unreliable.

The main problem was simply that we were trying to come up with a single item that would drop the lead at a controlled discharge pressure whilst retaining the lead during the cast. Naturally the component would have to cope with the similar dynamic forces during the cast as occur when you get a bite! This was a paradox that we found hard to solve.

Then late last year we heard a whisper about some local anglers using a component supplied by our friends at Enterprise (as part of a pack) that were being used already and proving totally effective and reliable! We quickly got onto Chris and requested a few samples and explained we thought that it was just the thing a lot of carpers were looking for.

When we got some samples and tried them out for ourselves it was a genuine ‘Eureka’ moment… They were absolutely perfect!

Not only were they easy to incorporate into a helicopter or chod rig but they could be sleeved with a silicone sleeve (or a trimmed down tail rubber) which gave a superbly tidy lead arrangement.

The Drop Out Chod Clips are basically preformed ’C’ shaped clips that deform at a given force. Each packet contains a full sprig of clips that has 12 pieces of each of the two weight rated clips.

  • Light clip release pressure = approx. 3lb
  • Heavy clip release pressure = approx. 6lb

We recommend that the thinner (lighter) clip should be used for fishing with leads at short to medium range; whilst the thicker (heavier) gauge clip is ideal for longer range applications.

Incorporating the clip on your leader is simple. Just follow these easy step by step instructions or check out the inside of the card supplied with the Drop Out Chod Clips:

  • Splice a large ring on the end of your Leader. Either the ring from a Flexi Ring Swivel or a Covert Q-Ring are perfect.
  • Create a safe Chod/Helicopter rig using your normal components. **
  • Incorporate a Silicone Sleeve, Covert Buffer Bead or a Tail Rubber to slide down and sheath the ring and Chod Clip before casting. This will keep the lead from simply bouncing/falling out the clip during the cast or as the lead hits the surface of the water.
  • Hook the lead onto the Chod Safety Clip and mount on ring and sheath with Silicone Sleeve or a Tail Rubber.


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