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One of the most popular carp rods in our range has had a total makeover.

Morion ST

Like its predecessor, the new Morion is built on a beautiful, slim and lightning fast blank. The tried and trusted SPORTEX HT-Cross Winding technology also makes the blank even tougher and gives it a really powerful action.

Thanks to the excellent casting and damping characteristics of this newly-developed blank, long casts, right where you want them, are no problem. And the chances of fish getting away when being played are minimal. The new Morion Carp is the best weapon for any body of water.

Morion ST Stalker

The Morion Stalker is built on the same blank as the Morion Carp, but has a slim cork handle instead of Duplon. The rod lengths have been adjusted so that you can fish with no trouble at all in restricted spaces or from a boat – and with the best possible results. Despite being short, the Morion Stalker allows for excellent casting and deploys its full power to rapidly tire a fighting carp.

SIC guides: 12ft 40mm-12mm, 13ft 50mm-16mm, Stalker 30mm-10mm.

SPORTEX Catapult CS-3 Carp

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​SPORTEX Purista XTF Carp

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SPORTEX Triumph Carp

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SPORTEX Invictus Carp

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