PB Products Carp Suits

2 199 kr

Produkten är tyvärr slut i lager. :(

This suit is designed and developed as a carp suit.
A suit whose jacket contains a light lining that keeps the carp angler nice and comfortable in terms of temperature during colder evenings, nights and mornings.
The pants contain no lining, however the fabric of this suit is very high quality and therefore provides extra comfort. How? With 7000mm, this suit is rain and moisture resistant.
In terms of “breathing”, the suit is made for the intensity of a skier, hiker or similar effort.
The suit has many features such as removing the elastic bands, with buttons on sleeves and pants.
The lining of the pants is smooth for easy entry and exit. In addition, a high zipper at the bottom of the legs to quickly put on the pants.