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NUTRABAITS Essential Oils

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Essential Oils are the most natural attractors money can buy; they are extracted usually by the distillation process from - amongst other things such as plants, flowers, resins, fruit rind and the bark of trees. They are so incredibly concentrated that the correct inclusion rate is usually recommended in drops per 500g rather than in millilitres.
We have been using and experimenting with essential oils since before the company was formed in 1986. We had been using them extensively for some time before the first ones appeared on our product list later that same year.
The range now consists of a carefully chosen selection of the very best quality and most effective essential oils around and each one is supplied in dropper bottles to ensure the suggested dosages can be adhered to accurately.
Use with total confidence either as the main attractor or in conjunction with the nature identical flavour of your choice.

Available in 20ml Dropper Bottles