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NUTRABAITS Natural Extracts

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Pure extracts that bring a totally unique source of natural inbuilt attraction to the finished bait and that add greatly to the bait’s effectiveness and originality.
These products are hugely popular with field testers, sponsored anglers and Nutrabaits users alike and have established themselves as permanent additions in many of the most effective baits around.
We strongly recommend that suggested inclusion rates are adhered to; these products are totally pure and uncut and consequently - what may seem like an insignificant quantity to add to a mix - is all that is needed. The suggested dosages have been thoroughly researched and established over many hours of field-testing.
Our Natural Extracts are not just for the bait making connoisseur, used sensibly they also make a superb addition to any bag or spod mix.

Available in 50g pots, complete with a measuring spoon to enable accurate inclusion levels.
Dried Seaweed in 300g pot.