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Olika ingredienser för tillverkning av beten.

Caproic Acid or Hexanoic Acid as it is sometimes known is naturally occurring oily liquid that is primarily found in animal fats and oils that is predominantly used in the production of high quality pharmaceutical products. In short, Caproic Acid is a sister product to the legendary N-Butyric Acid but although it undoubtedly boasts and equally distinctive aroma - and is certainly comparable carp catching capabilities - it is not quite as evil on the nose.

Our suggestion is that you should use Caproic at anything up to 2ml per 500g mix as the main smell or at half that level with the flavour or essential oil of your choice.

N-Butyric Acid. This must rate as one of the most anti-social carp bait smells of the lot, but boy does it attract carp!

Notably found in rancid butter and extracted through the process of hydrolysis, this N-Butyric is a totally natural organic acid that comes part and parcel with an acrid taste, a slightly sweet aftertaste - not that we suggest you try it - and a sickly smell that practically defies belief.

Use either on its own at up to 2ml per 500g mix or at half that level with the flavour or essential oil of your choice.

Many top anglers incorporate N-Butyric Acid in virtually every bait they use and when paired with Nature Identical Pineapple flavour, must surely rate as one of the all-time great carp attractors.

Emulsifier. To cut a long and very complex story short, oils and water do not readily want to mix together.If you want proof of this, simply drop a teaspoon of vegetable oil into a bowl of water and watch what happens. Obviously this has possible consequences when it comes to using oils in carp bait!

Emulsifiers not only help water and oil to mix, but have the added advantage of aiding in the release of any other vital fats and oils that are present within the bait.

Our emulsifier is 100% natural, human food grade quality and totally chemical free.

Use at 7-10 ml per 500g mix.

Preservabait. Our Preserve bait is not intended for you to to produce your own shelf-life baits, but if you are looking to substantially extend the life of homemade bait for an overseas session where freezer space is problematic, then look no further!

The instructions for use couldn’t be simpler. Add 25ml per 500g into the egg and additive blend, roll baits in the usual way and ensure they are thoroughly dried after boiling.

Preservabait contains low levels human food grade preservatives that are tasteless and odourless. 

Sweetener. An intense sweetener that enables you to put a candy sweet taste into the bait of your choice, without any fear of the chemical aftertaste that is so often associated with products of this type.

There is plenty of room for experimentation regarding inclusion rates with this product, although 1-4ml per 500g of mix is certainly a sensible starting point.

Intensely sweetened baits have been proven to add to both the attraction and long term effectiveness of a whole host of bait recipes over the years and this product enables you to do exactly that.