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GRADE Nightstalker

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Grade Nightstalker Bedchair

The boxspring amongst bedchairs. A bed that guarantees a good night’s rest. It’s so comfortable you will want to stay on it all day long. The combination of the 5cm memory foam, extra back support, and fleece lining creates the ultimate comfort. To keep this bedchair as light as possible the frame is constructed out of high quality, light material. It doesn’t get much better! The spring lock leg system gives you the opportunity to level the bed in no time. Wquipped with a comfortable shoulder strap to carry the bed around. To finish it off we’ve added a bedchair organiser to store your valuables, power bank or receiver during your session.
+ 5cm memory foam
+ Light magnesium frame
+ Attached bedchair organiser
+ Fleece top lining
+ Spring lock leg system
+ Shoulder strap
+ Custom mudfeet