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GRADE Prominent Net

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Grade Prominent 42" Landing Net

The new Grade Prominent landing net belongs to the absolute top within the current range of landing nets. The arms and the two-piece landing net handle are made of high-quality carbon and are extremely stiff. This stiffness is crucial to be able to ship a fish quickly and effectively. The extremely solid, fixed, aluminum spreader block is equipped with two smooth pins over which the arms of the net slide. This ensures enormous user-friendliness. The olive green (not too deep) netting is reinforced at the corners and above the spreader block to prevent wear through. In addition, the arms of the net are fitted with strong aluminum bushes at the bottom. The corners of the Grade Prominent are equipped with EVA floats so that your landing net always floats. Equipped with a 42 inch net.
+ Extremely stiff net arms and two piece landing net
handle + Durable and solid aluminum spreader block
+ Reinforced 42'' olive green net
+ Fixed EVA arm floats