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GRADE M-Brace 4 Season

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Grade M-Brace 4 Season

- Dimensions: 210×85cm
- Luxury finishing and appearance
- Water repellent cover
- Quick zip system
- Head and foot restraint system
- Comfortable, insulating inner lining
- Water-repellent zipper cover
- Fastening strap with elastic


The M-Brace seasons sleeping bag is well-lined, keeps you warm during cold nights and features quick-open zippers. The cover is water repellent so even on nights with condensation you never have a wet sleeping bag. The head and foot end features a stretcher attachment system so it always lies snug. The zipper has a water-repellent cover for 100% waterproofness. The bottom features an attachment strap with elastic where you can secure it to the stretcher you are using!