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OBS! Förorder, leverans februari-mars.

CO-DE Shelf Life Boilies 

A bait that has proven to be an instant hit throughout our extensive field testing on a wide variety of waters both in the UK and across Europe. A true all-round bait, being a perfect blend of human food grade nut meals, our yellow birdseed blend, milk proteins along with a rich blend of vitamins and minerals. Giving a bait packed with nutritional and digestible content with boosted levels of in-built attraction to ensure twelve months a year effectiveness.

Add to this a beautiful Amino-rich blend of liquid foods, yeasts, natural sugars, along with our in-house blend of flavours and essential oils that give a beautiful, sweet aroma and taste carp find hard to resist.

This is one of those baits that can be used with total confidence on virtually and type of water throughout the year.

Already responsible for a ridiculous amount of personal bests, big hits and lake records since it’s launch in April this year.