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Our VooDoo + saw the light of day to offer a solution against dressage and rod pressure. This bait has been developed without the addition of ingredients / liquid additives that exude. This is to keep negative stimuli through association to a minimum. This groundbreaking formula is unparalleled and is linked to a completely new protein source, which is not yet used in carp bait.

The berry aroma deliberately has an extremely low PH to easily detect the bait. The VooDoo + also has a high “crunch” factor. This is to draw the attention of fish that scratch around when they are baiting. After extensive field tests, we can conclude that this bait knows how to hold its own both instantly and after long feeding campaigns. Make sure to try the VooDoo + if you've been fishing the same water for a while. Practice showed that this bait also appealed to a completely different part of the population, tench also has a soft spot for it.

The VooDoo + can be perfectly combined with the Krill & Octopus. Especially in the autumn, the combination of both boilies is the way to make a difference.