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OBS! Förorder, leverans februari-mars.

During the development of our Vitella bait, we have focused on making a range of nutrients available for carp that they can not synthesize themselves, that are not available during certain periods in their biotope or in other baits that are part of their diet.

By adding a mix of essential fatty acids, a premix of stabilized vitamins / minerals, trace elements, anti-oxidation and Aloe Vera we are again bringing something unique in carpfood.

We have combined these thoughts into an easily digestible base mix with lots of fiber, appetite stimulators and a mix of fermented ingredients.
This is to make the whole bait attractive, but also in order for the carp to consume sufficient bait to experience the positive effects for the long term baiting campaigns.
The smell can be described as a light acidic/ fruity aroma with a sweet creamy taste. The new Vitella liquid should be used in combination with the bait as it contains pure Aloe Vera to give the bait an extra coating for the session / prebaiting.
This will ensure a maximum of active ingredients will be dispersed in the water column and during the digestion of the bait. The Vitella will bring results both instant and after longer feeding campaigns, it is unique compared to other baits and it will also contribute positively to the health of carp!