PB Products Control Rods

  • 849 kr

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Pb Products Control Rod

Pb Products ControlRod Range

What beauties these Control Rods from PB Products really are!
Price/quality is phenomenal, really worth every penny!
These 24T/30T carbon blanks are built with Tangle Free K-Frame guides.
The guides – due to their position and model of the frame – make sure the line will not tangle/wrap around the guides during the cast. Even with the strongest possible sidewind etc.
The Control Rod is assembled perfectly and with it’s small, blue details it all looks like a dream.
The Inox steel bottom cone looks great and gives you that quality feeling. The shrinktube foam on the handle feels solid and full of grip.

There are three different models available:

10ft 3,00lb, with 5 BKWTSG guides in the sizes 30-25-20-16-12 and a BSTST12 top-guide.

12ft 2.75lb with 5 BKWTSG guides in the sizes 40-30-25-20-16 and a BSTST16 top-guide.

12ft 3,00lb with 5 BKWTSG guides in the sizes 50-40-30-20-16 and a BSTST16 top-guide.