SUMMIT Tackle Coloseum Rod Pods

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Summit Tackle Coloseum Rod Pods

The Cobalt Colosseum Pod has been designed and manufactured in the UK using a unique process to SummitTackle that specially hardens the military grade stainless that we use in this hand finished quality product.

The Pod is fully adjustable for those difficult to fish swims and when fishing in Europe with its easy to use "Twist-Lock" adjustable legs, you also get a secondary adjustable feature in the "Twist-Lock" adjustable goal post adapters for even finer tuning of the pod height both back and front, plus you can extend or retract the pod length, with our "Twist-Lock" central bar to extend or retract as is required by the angler.

The Colosseum Pods comes as a complete kit with a set of our 3 rod adjustable Buzz Bars, Pod Bag and SummitTackle Easy Tight tool.

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