Forge Tackle Zig/leader magnetic box

  • 149 kr
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Elegant and sturdy construction for this case made from reinforced PVC plastic and with magnetic closure. It is possible to store up to 16 pre-tied leaders or zig rigs of any length thanks to the eight removable winding board. Each board have a deep soft rubber edge that hold the line in place perfectly and two small compartments to hold your hook with zig foam already in place. Each winding board is marked with a number (from 1 to 8) so you can easily recognize which length of ready rig you are looking for, for example starting from board n.1 you can store the shorter rigs and one step longer each number all the way to board n.8.

Can store up to 16 pre-tied leaders or zig rig.
Virtually indestructible, made from reinforced PVC plastic.
Magnetic closure.
8 removable winding board with soft rubber edge.
2 pins supplied with each board.
Compact and user friendly.
Dimensions : W21cm H10cm D3cm

OBS! Detta är en förordervara, leverans i April månad.