Raptor Boat Tent X-wide 400X-470

  • 3 990 kr
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This boat tent is specially designed for the 400 Xtra Wide and 470 X-Wide boats. 
A versatile model boat tent which can be used on both models of Raptor boats (note! Does not fit the “old” model Raptor 400 X-wide).
The tent can be firmly mounted on the boat by means of 6 patches and several D-rings. 
The tent has a lot of interior space due to the aluminum frame design. 
A bed can easily be placed in width, leaving a lot of space. 
Newly delivered 400 Xtra Wide and 470 X-Wide boats are already provided with patches and D-rings in the right place.

RAPTOR BOAT TENT 400X-470* 300D / 10,000HH. 
- Olive green.
- Removable inner tentmud flaps around the boat so that water can not enter.
- Fully zip-out front for maximum ventilation.
- Door and front with mosquito net and viewing window.

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