Dreambaits Choquita

  • 549 kr

I lager.

Developing a bait like a snack and where you keep eating from, was the idea behind the development of the Choquita.

As a reward, directly supplying energy when eating this bait was a requirement. Various sugars, a carbohydrate-rich base and bird food meet this need. This is to make the bait stand out, when the natural food is abundant, when they feed a lot with protein-rich bait or during the cold winter months.

The Choquita is therefore significantly higher in fiber and various appetite stimulators.

A touch of cardamom and a heat resistant enzyme blend ensures that the bait remains digestible for carp when the water temperature drops below 8 degrees Celsius.

Esters score well in the winter, the subtle fruity, chocolate and creamy notes have been selected, one of which has an ethyl alcohol base. A talin based sweetener and NHDC provide a sweet touch and Minamino + contributes to the instant character. For the long term, we have also added the necessary milk proteins and a high-quality vegetable protein source.

Like all our Ready Mades, the Choquita is enriched with D-Cell + and a vitamin / mineral premix.

For instant fishing, we recommend using 20 to 40 ml of soak per kg of bait and let it soak in the day (s) before the session.

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