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PB Products Hit & Run Flexi Speed Run Ring

  • 49 kr
I lager.
Artikelnummer: DTC22251

This Hit & Run Flexi Speed Run Ring is a speed connector without a cable gland but with a large ring. This large ring ensures that nothing slides into the X-safe Leadclip or Hit & Run Inline Lead insert. In this way a completely free run system can be created.

The Hit & Run System also ensures that the bite indicator is doubled. The line in the Hit & Run System is pulled off the reel twice as fast. The watchman will therefore "dance" up and down twice as fast. Yes, you read that right. Twice faster, earlier and better. On dressage water and in winter a must. Every bite, no matter how careful, is registered.

Something to think about and have a good look!


ideal for run system

-double bite indication in combination with Hit & Run System

matt coating

-Durable and strong

-very effective on dressage water (careful bait shots)