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GARDNER Critical Mass Putty Brown

  • 119 kr
I lager.
Artikelnummer: CMPUPB

Critical Mass Tungsten Putty has a super high density Tungsten formula that has been developed to have the maximum stickiness, making it easy to use whatever the temperature.

It is ideal for fine tuning and balancing buoyant hookbaits or pinning down hooklinks and main line. Tungsten Putty is also very useful for smearing along braided hooklinks to pin them down tight to the lake bed. This is a successful rig tweak that also adds a small degree of stiffness to the braid which helps to reduce tangles.

  • Critical Mass will adhere to all touch dry mono lines, skinned hooklinks and braids.
  • Will not slip allowing you to fish secure in the knowledge that your presentation has not been jeopardised.
  • Lead free and non toxic.
  • 15 grams per pack.
  • Comes in a handy container.
  • Colours: Grey, Green or Brown.