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PB Products Hit & Run X-Safe Leadclip

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PB Products Hit & Run X-Safe Lead Clips

As the name suggests; extra safe and in all ways. With this clip you can use the so-called Hit & Run system. A very fish-safe system where in the event of a line break the carp loses all leaders, main line, and lead. Only the bottom line remains in the mouth. Unique and very fish friendly!

This is possible because the bottom line is not tied to the leader / main line. The connection is therefore not "stuck"! This causes everything to break in the event of a line break. Take a closer look at this system. In this way you can fish using the "solid lead" principle and also the "running rig" principle in which in the latter case a bite indication twice as fast occurs! The clip is equipped with an extra wide throughput that makes it possible for leader nodes to "shoot" through the clip in the event of a line break. In addition, this Hit & Run clip can be used in all other ways. Included are 6 pieces of click-in holders where the swivel can be put firmly in the clip in case you are forced to fish drop-off. The latter is never preferred but we understand that it is effective in some situations.

Recommended leaders are: Downforce Tungsten Loaded Leaders, Silk Ray Ready Made Leaders, Ready Made Leaders or Silk Ray & Downforce leader material.

Available in Silt, Weed or Gravel.

5 per pack