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PB Products Chod Hook DBF

  • 59 kr

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The PB Products Chod Hook distinguishes itself on a number of points from the many other Chod carp hooks on the market. Our Chod hook has a straight point so that it will puncture quickly, which is not an unnecessary luxury with a Chod system.

The PB Products Chod hook also has a large bend that ensures that the hook can penetrate deeper into the carp beak and is therefore more firmly attached. This also prevents damage to the carp beak in the form of cracks and cuts. It certainly promotes the drill properties.

This Chod hook is equipped with an extra large hook eye. This makes it easier for your Chod leader material to pass through the eye three times. After all, 90% of Chod is fished with a D-rig, which means that three times is essential. So difficulties with knots are a thing of the past.


(The color indication on the packaging of the Chod hooks is DARK BLUE)


- Right point.
- Extra large hook eye.
- Strong to the rear hook eye.
- DBF coating