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PB Products Shrimp Aligners

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Just that little extra ... ?! These shrimp imitation aligners have that little bit extra. These extra stiff shrimps that also serve as very good aligners have two functions in one.

They camouflage the aligner, as it were, because the shrimp is something that regularly occurs in the water and will therefore not scare the carp, on the contrary. A shrimp is a nice snack for our friend. In addition, the hook turns in extra fast during bait pick-up and the straight line stretching. In short, the perfect camouflage of hook and aligner. Available close to the bait and in the right colors. Dressage is a lot less this way!


-perfect shrimp imitation

-fitted with legs

- extra stiff for maximum screw-in point

-three colors available

stays perfectly in position on hook eye