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Artikelnummer: CC-Live-session-pack

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Live System is very digestible and has a sweet, creamy taste and aroma that stimulates strong, confident feeding in even the most challenging conditions. Low in oil, packed with soluble attractors and very effective all year round Live System is a superb bait for both short session anglers who want instant attraction and ‘campaign anglers’ targeting big pressured fish.

Tried, tested and challenged by anglers since 2003, Live System repeatedly outperforms other baits, helping anglers achieve incredible catch results time and time again, throughout all four seasons. 

This great value pack contains all the products required to present fish with an irresistible Live System bait package which can be used in many different angling situations.

Contains 2kg Live System Pellets 6mm, 100ml Live System Bait Booster, 10 x Live System Air Ball Pop Ups (15mm) & 1kg Live System Shelf Life (15mm).