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BFM Krill & Cranberry+ Freezer Bait 12mm

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Artikelnummer: NBFMF12mm

Produced from Nutrabaits ever-consistent Big Fish Mix base mix along with the optimum inclusion rates of Liquid Krill Hydrolysate, NI Cranberry flavour and N-Butyric Acid.

This recipe provides everything you would ever need from a bait that contains the classic fishmeal, Bird Food, Haiths EU Robin Red, Milk and Whey protein combination of ingredients....and more.

This terrific twelve months-a-year food source bait also benefits substantially from boosted levels of in-built attraction.

Word on the street is that even a number of time-served Nutrabaits users have been stopped in their tracks by what has been achieved with this bait.

This bait has done the business on practically every water where it has been used, a big favourite of many of our team both in the U.K. and worldwide.


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